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Anti-Vaccine Preachers

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Roo St. Gallus
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Post by Roo St. Gallus » Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:46 am

[quote=""Copernicus""]The problem with Roo's argument against flu vaccinations is that it misstates the case for getting vaccinated. The argument is not that the vaccine will necessarily prevent you from getting the flu. It is that the vaccine will reduce your chances of getting it and that, if you get the flu, your immune system will be more effective at helping your recovery. Moreover, your chances are slightly improved at avoiding flu, even if the strain you are exposed to is not what you were vaccinated for.

See Why It's Still Worth Getting a Flu Shot[/quote]

Hmmm...Looks legit, even though he does have all the necessary bonafides for a typical KOL.

I agree that the side effects are minimal. But then, so are saline solution injections. The same cannot be said for oseltamivir nor zanavimir, from what I understand.

I strongly agree that good infection control is the best approach to emphasize, rather than a largely ineffective vaccine initiative.

I do wonder, though, given the correction at the end, whether he is sure he got the right interpretation this time? ;)

Then, his interpretation seems to be considerably at odds with that of the lead investigator at Cochrane with regards the results. Dr. Jefferson, and by extension, the Cochrane Collaboration, does not seem to be anywhere near as impressed with the results as Dr. Carroll is. Why is that?

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