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Where to search for ET's

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Where to search for ET's

Post by lpetrich » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:50 am

This could be anything from microbes to supercomputer civilizations.

Best places in space to search for alien life, a slideshow at CNet.

Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Titan, Enceladus
Europa, Callisto, Ganymede, Venus, Pluto
Proxima b, TRAPPIST-1 system, Wolf 1061c, Somewhere in Auriga (fast radio bursts), KIC 8462852 (Boyajian's Star or Tabby's Star: odd pattern of dimmings)
Kepler 186f, Kepler 283c, Gliese 667C system, HD 40307g, Kepler 62f
Gliese 832c, Gliese 581d, LHS 1140b, HD 164595, Even more Kepler planets
Real-life Tatooines

I wouldn't bet on Venus or Jupiter, because organisms there would have to stay airborne, and no completely aerial organisms are known for our planet.

Mars is the most Earthlike, though organisms there would likely be living in its crust, like some Earth organisms.

Europa and Enceladus have subsurface oceans, and Ganymede, Callisto, Titan, Pluto, and Ceres may also have such oceans.

But I'd be surprised if there was anything more than microbes there.

Planets of other stars have lots of possibilities, though even there, there are possible jokers in the deck like superdeep oceans.

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