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Are private schools prejudicial in nature and are Charter schools of any great beninfy to their stud

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Are private schools prejudicial in nature and are Charter schools of any great beninfy to their stud

Post by justme » Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:23 pm

Are private schools prejudicial in nature and are Charter schools of any great benefit to their students or are they just hype?

I've been thinking about these different schools and it does seem to me that Private schools are akin to the seperate but so-called equal ideal of the Jim Crow era and I've heard both good and bad from those describing charter schools. It would seem to me that education should be just that and their should be no separate schools for the well off and the working class kids.

The entire thing, to me reaks of elitism and doesn't do anything to promote understanding of anyone or anything?

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Post by dancer_rnb » Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:52 pm

I was a scholarship student at a private school. It's been running since the 1780s.
Families making less than 75K pay no tuition.
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Post by Worldtraveller » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:38 pm

Much like insurance companies in a country with single payer, private schools still have their place. There is a bit of elitism to it, admittedly, at least in the US. The big problem with charter schools (and this is not necessarily true with privte schools, but it varies by state/municipality) is that charter schools take funding out of the public school system. In essence, most charter schools are private schools that are subsidized by the public school system.

Many charter schools are outright fraudulent. They wind up taking in millions (from the state...aka taxpayer money) closing down after a couple years, and leaving the state and hundreds of students and their families in the lurch.

From an educational perspective, a lot of them are just as fraudelent. They lobby the state for exemptions from all the state tests and competency requirements, then pass on students who can barely read/write.

Private schools are different. They are almost entirely privately funded, at most getting some modest tax breaks from the state. While they are often somewhat elitest/snobby or whatever term you want to use, they generally have a much higher standard of education and output. This is understandable for several reasons: 1) the parents who send their kids to private schools are invested, and involved in their child's education (and this is always the single biggest determining factor of scholarly success); 2) private schools can afford to turn away 'problem' students that public schools are forced to take; 3) private schools can afford to pay their teachers much better, resulting in better teaching, smaller class sizes, etc., all the other factors that go into increasing scholarly success.

A friend of mine in AZ, who doesn't make much money, got lucky enough that his daughter was offered a full scholarship for one of the more prestigious private schools in the area, based solely on the principle's recommendation from the public school she had been attending. She's a super bright kid, and very motivated, so it is one of those things that I think is definitely for the best. Unfortunately, there are many many more who are probably just as bright and motivated, but don't get lucky like that, and wind up being woefully underserved by the public education system.

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Post by sohy » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:51 pm

Some charter schools are great. My grand daughter attends one that is run by the Center for Inquiry in Indianapolis. From what my son has told me, and from what I've read, it's a very good school and I don't have to worry about her teachers trying to sneak in anything religious. CFI actually has two charter schools in Indy. Some charter schools are good and some are bad, but the same can be said about public schools.

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