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Most significant philosophical ideas

Discuss philosophical concepts and moral issues.
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Post by Hermit » Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:00 pm

Hermit;682900 wrote:Among cricketers it would be Donald Bradman for any generation. For mine it would be the Chappell brothers, Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson, Rodney Marsh and of course Alan Border. ..
Hey Hermit, you are forgetting Glen McGrath. McGrath is the second highest wicket taker for Australia after Shane Warne. Lillee is the third highest and hugely popular in India for things other than Cricket (Charity).[/QUOTE]I did not forget. By the time Warnie and McGrath came along I was no longer all that much interested in the cricket. My disinterest has now gotten to the stage where I cannot even name the last three captains of the Australian team, let alone the current captains of any other.

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