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Should we put shame on us all? We burden our children.

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Greatest I am
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Should we put shame on us all? We burden our children.

Post by Greatest I am » Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:02 pm

Should we put shame on us all? We burden our children.

It is said that all parents hurt their children in some way or another. This is true, inadvertently.

No sane parent plans to intentionally hurt their children. Except, shamefully, in these enlightened times.

We are showing ourselves to be quite callous. Perhaps this is not the brightest thing to do.

We intentionally pass on our negative biases to our children and continue to pass on our war mongering ways and debt.

I hope, like me; you do not take pride in passing on debt, a polluted world, continuing strife in issues that should have been resolved hundreds of years ago, homophobia, misogyny etc.

If we were half as bright as we think we are, none of us would be passing on our responsibilities and creating hardship for our progeny.

I have no way to effect mass change and am thus a prisoner to my shame.

I thought some might share theirs with me.

Caring seems to be at a low point these days.

Polarization is evil as it inhibits caring.

Shame reduces polarization.

Share your shame.

It is sharing love.

God is a cosmic consciousness .
Telepathy the key.
Our next evolution. No choice.

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