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I'm trying to buy a house and need your advice.

Talk about general stuff that interests you (that doesn't fit anywhere else).
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Post by Worldtraveller » Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:13 pm

Tesla, I think? Makes 'wall batteries' for homes that are supposed to work in tandem with wind/solar power. If/when I ever get around to building a home, it will have passive solar heating in some rooms, a passive/active water heater, PV on the roof, a ~2kw or so windmill, and a battery wall. The battery wall would be designed to operated the house for only about 3 hours, assuming minimal appliances running (refrigerator, and some small percentage of the total - I wouldn't factor in A/C, because it would be running an evap cooler 99% of the time).

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Post by Hermit » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:55 pm

[quote=""Koyaanisqatsi""]I think the dead bird claim is even more specious as the ones I’ve seen by denialists/corporate shills aren’t that birds will be chopped up by the blades, rather it is that the turbines displace bird “homes” and/or alter their wind stream/flying patterns, which in turn result in birds dying.[/quote]
The number given above does actually represent the number of birds axed by the blades. The footprint for each 2.1 megawatt turbine is typically 10 x 10 metres. That means it takes 10,000 towers to spoil 1 square kilometre for bird breeding.

Access roads for the towers take up a great deal more, of course, but wind farms are usually built inside a farmer's field or a pastoralist's pasture in exchange for an annual fee. The land is already deforested. Fields and pastures are not particularly suitable environments for birds to breed on. The shills are just waffling a load of bullshit, as usual.

Then there is the spacing required between the units. It would leave a lot of opportunity for birds to breed if the land were suitable for the task to begin with. Check it out here. This is part of the Snowtown wind farm I drive past every time I travel to Adelaide.


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