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The Mandela Effect

How life, the universe and everything got here. God? Nature? Both? Chew it over here. This is also the place for discussing any theories or views which run counter to mainstream science.
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Post by Tubby » Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:42 am

[quote=""Jobar""]I thought the Elton John lyric went "burning down and in, I'm here and gone."

As a kid hearing it on the radio, I could only come up with the implausible "burning down the streets of every lawn." I was pretty sure that clumsy phrase was inauthentic--maybe Elton goofed up word order ("the lawns of every street")--but I did manage to picture a rocket flying low over the suburbs, its exhaust plume blackening the yard grass.

These days kids would just search the Net for the real lyric.

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