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Unsuccessful attempt by French police to catch terrorists at Paris Gare du Nord

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Unsuccessful attempt by French police to catch terrorists at Paris Gare du Nord

Post by DMB » Tue May 09, 2017 10:57 am

The Gare du Nord train station in the French capital Paris has reopened after a security alert, officials say.

Platforms were evacuated and the area cordoned off by heavily armed police late on Monday evening.

No details have been given about the operation in one of Europe's busiest transport hubs. But local media report that police were looking for three suspects.

France is under a state of emergency since the Paris attacks of 2015.

Security had been stepped up across the country for the second round of the presidential election, which happened on Sunday.

Le Parisien newspaper (in French) said the operation focused on a train from Valenciennes, in northern France.

Police were looking for three men described as "dangerous" to French security forces by a foreign country, the newspaper said.

They had been spotted in Bordeaux and Marseille, as well as in Paris. Police had launched operations in each city, but had not managed to capture them, the report added.

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